1984-85 Diane Hess First Team
1984-85 Stacy Matulewicz Honorable Mention
1984-85 Robyn Thomspon Honorable Mention
1985-86 Diane Hess Second Team
1985-86 Stacy Matulewicz Honorable Mention
1985-86 Chris Zambell Honorable Mention
1986-87 Diane Hess First Team
1987-88 Monica Young Second Team
1990-91 Denise Doster First Team
1990-91 Lisa Wise Second Team
1990-91 Shanley Reeves Honorable Mention
1992-93 Jen Haggerty First Team
1992-93 Lori Woods Honorable Mention
1992-93 Jen Rodkey Honorable Mention
1993-94 Chris Colcombe First Team
1993-94 Jennifer Haggerty First Team
1993-94 Nicole Novak Second Team
1993-94 Jennifer Rodkey Honorable Mention
1994-95 Liz Broughton Second Team
1994-95 Chris Colcombe Second Team
1994-95 Jen Rodkey Second Team
1995-96 Jen Rodkey First Team
1995-96 Stephanie Cunningham First Team
1995-96 Liz Broughton First Team
1996-97 Lisa Campanell-Komara Coach of the Year
1996-97 Rosanne Scott First Team
1996-97 Stephanie Cunningham First Team
1997-98 Rosanne Scott Most Valuable Player
1997-98 Rosanne Scott First Team
1997-98 Jana Stewart Second Team
1998-99 Jina Skinner Coach of the Year
1998-99 Rose Scott First Team
1998-99 Jill Kamerer First Team
1998-99 Stephanie Cunningham Second Team
1999-00 Rose Scott First Team
1999-00 Jill Kamerer First Team
1999-00 Raquel Burns Second Team
2000-01 Jill Kamerer First Team
2000-01 Kelly Richardson Second Team
2000-01 Kiki Cohen Second Team
2001-02 Katie Hardie  First Team
2001-02 Kelley Richardson First Team
2001-02 Kiki Cohen Second Team
2001-02 Nikki Babik Honorable Mention
2001-02 Jina DeRubbo Coach of the Year
2001-02 Katie Hardie Player of the Year
2002-03 Kelley Richardson First Team
2002-03 Katie Hardie Second Team
2002-03 Nikki Babik Honorable Mention
2002-03 Kiki Cohen Honorable Mention
2003-04 Katie Hardie  First Team
2003-04 Kelley Richardson First Team
2003-04 Nikki Babik Second Team
2003-04 Katie Tetzlaw Honorable Mention
2003-04 Kelley Richardson Player of the Year
2003-04 Jina DeRubbo Coach of the Year
2004-05 Nikki Babik Second Team
2004-05 Jenny Place Second Team
2004-05 Katie Resanovich Honorable Mention
2005-06 Jenny Place First Team
2005-06 Courtney Irwin Honorable Mention
2005-06 Renee Shehady Honorable Mention
2006-07 Lisa Mitchell Second Team
2006-07 Courntey Irwin Honorable Mention
2006-07 Nicole Thompson  Honorable Mention
2007-08 Kelly Goode Second Team
2007-08 Lisa Mitchell Second Team
2007-08 Susannah Cartland Honorable Mention
2007-08 Kaitlyn McCormick Honorable Mention
2008-09 Kaitlyn McCormick Second Team
2008-09 Renee Brandenburg Honorable Mention
2008-09 Stacy Goode Honorable Mention
2009-10 Annie Wilson Second Team
2010-11 Katelynn Hackathorn Honorable Mention
2010-11 Tara Harris Honorable Mention
2010-11 Kayla Taormina Honorable Mention
2011-12 Kayla Taormina Honorable Mention
2011-12 Anne Wilson Honorable Mention
2012-13 Kayla Taromina Honorable Mention
2012-13 Taylor Verrico Honorable Mention
2013-14 Taylor Verrico Honorable Mention
2014-15 Kelsea Daugherty Freshman of the Year
2014-15 Kelsea Daugherty Second Team
2015-16 Kelsea Daugherty Honorable Mention
2015-16 Hayley Holenka Honorable Mention